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Ways I help

Email me at hey[at]pechay[dot]re

I have been working as a hands-on start-up CTO since 2010. First at Eventmaker, an all-in-one event management platform, then at Yeeld, a challenger bank offering a new way to saving money to more than 100 000 customers.

Recruiting, training and leading Software Engineers

As a CTO, I had the opportunity to work on many technologies. I can specifically help on the following stacks:

  • Full stack development: I have deep technical and tactical knowledge in Ruby on Rails, Spring Boot (Java + Kotlin), Phoenix (Elixir), and Node.js (Express / Gatsby / Next)
  • iOS (Swift + Objective-C): I have been coding on iOS since 2009 and managing iOS engineers since then
  • React Native: Yeeld app is entirely coded with Type Script in React Native, and includes some native code in Swift, Objective-C and Kotlin
  • GraphQL: GraphQL is used at Yeeld to communicate between or back-end and the app. We use Typescript, apollo.js and types are automatically generated by apollo-tooling.
  • Performance and Stability: I usually have the role to tackle and solve the most complex performance issues. This includes syncing processes, incident response management, optimizing DB queries (I have a solid experience with both MongoDB and PostgreSQL), webhook handling, testing strategy, etc.

Beyong the technical aspect, I reviewed and merged thousands of Pull Requests and built effective recruitment processes in both Eventmaker and Yeeld.

Designing and deploying a better Devops Strategy

I am passionate about devops tools. I love how they enable engineers to ship faster, inspect deeper and fix infrastructure in an easy way.

I now have a deep expertise in common devops tools:

  • Kubernetes: should you migrate to Kubernetes? Manage it yourself?
  • AWS: effectively use a cloud provider and avoiding vendor lock-in
  • Heroku: deploying web applications seamlessly.
  • Vercel: deploying static websites in a very efficient way. Pretty useful for Next.js and Gatsby apps.
  • Terraform: managing infrastructure as code. The best way to actually use cloud providers such as AWS or GCP.
  • Circle.ci: continuous integration pipeline triggered by Github or Gitlab pushes
  • Pager Duty: alerting management for production incidents
  • Datadog: all in one monitoring platform for your infrastructure
  • Sentry: error reporting to keep bugs unoticed.

Product Management

I have used very effecient methodologies in the last few years and I can help you implement them:

  • Shape up: we implemented it at Eventmaker back in 2017 and saw huge results ! Perfect for small teams when you want to make sure work is always correctly prioritized
  • OKR: very nice framework to define goals across a whole company. Perfect to align teams and closely follow metrics. It needs to be complemented with other methodologies on lower levels (Shape up or agile methods).

Finding your way into the jungle of SaaS products

Every company is now using dozens of SaaS products. It can be difficult to choose them or use their API. I am super familiar with products related to Payment, Invocing, Emailing, Internal Tools, Project managemment, etc.

I can also help integrating their API to include them in your product.

🧑‍💻  I'm Romain, software engineer, ex co-founder and CTO at Yeeld and Eventmaker.

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